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Air filtration materials and other spare service

Working with passion and in order to offer our customers coverage on all filtration needs, Poirino completes its offer, in add to liquid filtration media, with:
1Filtermedia and spares for air treatment
  • Prefiltration and secondary filtration level
  • Absolute filtration
  • Painting cabin filtermedia
1Many other filter spare types, original and equivalent
  • Cartridges, candles, disk and bag filters in all materials
  • Cleaning and absorbing sheets and rolls
  • Membranes for lab and testing equipments
  • Handheld refractometers
  • Complete liquid filter equipments (gravity, pressure, with cartridges)

Why Poirino? Because

We try to be different, also in the accessort business, for:
  • same quality and reliability level typical of Poirino core business (filtration nonwoven roll)
  • supplying a first class logistici support
  • giving customer tranquillity of a reliable source also for minor accessories
  • accuracy in customer requirements application
  • certainty of providing a competitive price for quality product

Air filtration products

1Prefilter media in rolls and precut on customer specification
  • Thermofixed polyester G2-G3-G4-M5 (EN779)
  • Fiberglass G2 (EN779)
2Prefilter Cells
  • Synthetic media and zincated frame - flat and pleated G3-G4 (EN779)
  • Metallic media, flat and pleated - stainless steel version G2 (EN779)
  • Synthetic and glassfiber media - carton frame
3Soft Filterbags
  • Synthetic filtermedia G3-G4-M5-M6
  • Synthetic filtermedia - zincated or plastic frame M6-F7-F8-F9 (EN779) also with EUROVENT certification
  • Fiberglass filtermedia - zincated or plastic frame M6-F7-F8-F9 (EN779) also with EUROVENT certification
4Rigid Filterbags and Panel Filters
  • Synthetic filtermedia M6-F7-F8-F9 (EN779)
  • Fiberglass filtermedia M6-F7-F8-F9 (EN779)
5Semi-absolute and Absolute Filters
  • Deep pleat filters
  • Laminar flow filters
6Painting cabins filter media and spares
  • Filtri Columbus ®
  • Filtri Andreae ®
  • Tailored composite filterbags
  • Tailored activated carbons filter elements


1Original and equivalent filter spare of all types
  • Filter cartridges
  • Candle filters metallic and synthetic
  • Filterbags with metallic or synthetic ring
  • Disk sectors and cartridge
  • Wire wounded filter cartridges
2Cleaning or absorbing rolls and sheets
3Membranes for lab filter tests
4Complete liquid filter equipments
  • Fillter equipment for filterbags and cartridges
  • Complete liquid filter equipments form the most important and qualified filter manufaturers
5Other workshop accessories (handheld refractometers, oil mixers, ecc)