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Poirino, a success 100%

made in Italy

Since 1969 Poirino is synonymous of reliability, efficiency and service to customer in the field of liquid filtration and air industrial prefiltration. Leader on the italian market and now a relevant actor on the international playground, all over Europe, Africa and Middle East, Poirino is able to offer technical, commercial and logistic support 24 hours and 7/7 with an average stock level of 250.000kg of nonwoven splitted into nearly 330 types, Poirino is able to answer to any customer urgency.


What we offer our Customers:
  • Availability of all nonwovens kind used in filtration
  • Constant and progressive optimization of nonwoven features based on nearly 50 years worktime
  • Consolidated experience in all filtering processes and in all different filter system concepts in all industrial fields
  • Market leadership and direct supply chain contract handling capability for big and medium industries
  • Key player role, with OEM STORE project, on the filter manufacturer market

Our Values

and competency

Buttigliera d'Asti Operations Unit, with a custom oriented and passionated team that reaches now 25 people operating from 7am to 7pm, can offer in total 6.000 square meters area, including offices, raw material warehouse, converting lab, packaging and delivery dept.

and reliability

Market leader in Italy and Europe, Poirino can offer more than 300 nonwoven types from stock, with full traceability and quality level guaranteed.

and flexibility

250.000 kg nonwoven, in nearly 330 types, ready to be cut to guarantee maximum service level to customers, with immediate order execution and despatch within the second working day.

Technical and
commercial support

A capillar and high skilled network of agents and dealers through all countries we can guarantee support and logistic service everywhere you are in the EMEA and russian asiatic area.