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OEM STORE: Solutions for filters' manufacturers

OEM STORE project consists in a bundle of service directed to filter element manufacturers, of all sizes and structure complexity:
  • a complete filter media portfolio totally available from stock for small and medium delivery batches;
  • quotation and direct supply from highly qualified and worldwide known media manufacturers;
  • all kind of technical support and advisorship services to allow customer to have turn-key and customized product design for all filter applications

Filtration basics

Filter media layer or combination of filter layers and supports work on a correct design logic operating a filtration:
  • VOLUMETRIC - filter layer acts on all its depth basis, optimizing efficiency and lifecycle;
  • COALESCING - contaminants are aggregated by fiber layer in order to be phisically separated eventually;
  • PHYSICAL - surface filtration is optimized according to application and media average opening


With OEM STORE project Poirino invested mainly on a product range completion, adding to traditional products, material highly specialized like:
  • glass microfiber layers, alone standing and reinforced
  • synthetic microfiber layers
  • wetlaid filter layers cellulose based
  • melt-blown layer, with and without protection
  • electrostatic charged material
  • s80/20 blended and 100% synthetic carriers coated with nanofibers
  • a wide range of accessories to satisfy all needs

Products categories

1Carriers and protective layers
  • spunbonded PP
  • spunbonded PET
  • agugliati PET
  • spunlace PET e VIS/PET
2Certified and specific filtration layers
  • dust collection PET and PP spunbonded
  • PP and PET meltblown
  • 100% fiberglass wetlaid
  • mixed fiberglass and synthetic microfiber wetlaid
  • 100% synthetic microfiber wetlaid
  • 100% cellulose and 80/20 wetlaid
3Complete and assembled multilayer filters
  • 3 layer glass or synthetic filter media
  • 4 layer glass or synthetic filter media
4Composites on demand
  • any customized multilayer filter media design
5OEM accessories
  • support filter mesh extruded or woven with thermoplastic fibers
  • polyurethane foam open and closed cells
  • felts and filter mats
  • steel and stainless stretched micromeshes
  • steel and stainless woven meshes


Poirino is proud to represent and distribute the following firmas:
  • JOHNS MANVILLE (Germany) high quality spunbonded
  • ROTH (Germany) knife and rotary pleating machines - complete production systems


  • Poirino has a strong reputation on the italian market, its name is synonimous of service level and product reliability
  • with OEM STORE action range is extended also on the technical side, with eng. Giampiero Menegatti support competence reaches the top level in filtration design
1MCE Menegatti Consulting Engineering
MCE MCE (Menegatti Consulting Engineering) was founded in 2005 on more than 10 years of experience in automotive, agricolture and industrial filtration.
Technical development is based on the most up to date solid modelization systems and on a rapid prototypation service. MCE is a partner able to develop all type of filter systems, from air intake to engine fueling or lubrification; specific experiences make MCE a solution provider for complete airbox systems, allowing best ratio between performances and filtration efficiency.
MCE can list several references in aerospace and racing application and a consolidated presence in motorbike engines R&D with many trademarked design solutions.
In last years specific projects regarded then specifically:
  • "long life" filter systems in environmental applications;
  • physical filtration systems or volumetric inertial separators for automotive fueling;
  • water industrial treatments;
  • drinking water filtration systems for italian and international leading manufacturers of home products.
Continuous effort and studies with purpose to marry filtration to ecology brought MCE to a strong and leading position for all main LPG and natural gas fueling systems producers. In this direction a continuated experience about Syngas treatment added another relevant specialization to MCE knowledge portfolio.
In parallel to the above fields experience, MCE works together with several technical periodicals and university departments; considering filtration a primary instrument of environmental protection it also organize yearly seminars of introduction and detailed study of filtration issues, trying to motivate students to look for eco-compatible solutions.

Application fields

1HVAC filtration
  • Automotive cabin
  • Automotive engine
  • Automotive and bikes racing engine
  • Civil air treatment
  • Medical air treatment
2 Industrial air filtration
  • Cogeneration and Syngas power units
  • Finishing and mechanical machining systems
  • Dust collection for standard and special applications
3Fuels filtration
  • Process water filtration
  • Drinking water filtration - civil and home
4Water filtration
  • Automotive for traditional and ecological fuels
  • Industrial
5Oil filtration
  • Industrial Lubrification
  • Industrial hydraulic
  • Automotive lubrification
6Combustible gas phases filtration
  • Automotive LPG and methane
  • Industrial