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Nonwoven Rolls for Liquid Filtration (TNT)

Our core business has always been an efficient and competent supply of filtermedia for industry, with the most complete range available on the market and a 50 years experience following our customers and dealers


We can convert from raw material in stock into any width and roll length; we can as well manufacture any custom product, on customer request; our stock include more than 300 different nonwoven types in a wide range:
1Chemical bonded / drylaid
  • 100% viscose parallel web
  • 100% viscose w/specific bonding approved for food contact
  • 100% viscose w/specific treatments for special applications (flame retardant, PE coating, with bactericide, with hydro-oleorepellents)
  • viscose/polyester mix cross laid for maximum performance
2PP spunbonded
  • hydrofilic treated and low denier fibers for maximum performance
  • standard not treated with food contact approval
3PES spunbonded
  • smooth calendered with medium/high denier fibers for maximum performance and mechanical properties
  • smooth calendered with extremely coarse fibers for high viscosity fluids
  • smooth calendered with coarse trilobal fibers for special applications
  • point bonded low denier fibers for the best compromise
  • point bonded very low denier fibers for maximum efficiency
  • special version core/sheat Bico fibers
4VIS/PES spunlace
  • viscose/polyester mix and 100% polyester parallel web
  • 100% polyester crosslaid for best compromise
  • viscose/polyester mix crosslaid w/impregnation
5PES and Bico needlefelt
  • basic type resinated with high holding capacity
  • high calendered version for maximum particle efficiency
  • tri-dimensional version w/preferential direction for maximum holding capacity
  • special version with surface hardening treatments
6PP and PES spunbonded extreme coarse fiber/h5>
  • PP 100%
  • PES 100%
  • Core/sheath Bico
7PES and Bico thermobonded and Hi-loft
  • 100% polyester or with Bico thermobonded and calendered
  • with resin or reinforcing mesh
8 PES and Bico airlaid
9PP and PES melt-blown
  • smooth calendered
  • not calendered version
10PP and PES multilayer materials
  • on line lamination
  • off line (secondary) lamination
11Composites nonwoven developed on demand
  • laminated
  • ultrasonic bonded
  • dot or continuous gluing
  • mechanically needled

Global approach to market

Poirino is equipped and oriented to:
  • DIRECTLY and EVERYWHERE any industrial customer and filter end user, supplying technical and commercial support on site
  • SUPPORT, COORDINATE and LET GROW local and national dealers/distributors

Dealers and filtration partners

1Business partner, locally or on national scale, is supported in creating an own customized product range
  • all products can be supplied in neutral packaging upon request
  • possible complete customization of products (code, labelling, packaging, customer logos) free of charge
  • preparation of customized commercial sample material
  • integrated logistic service w/customer freight documents
  • total traceability of products labels on all documents

Partnership for customers

1Customer end user of filter media can count on Poirino as a valid SUPPLIER/PARTNER able to:
  • support preparation of agreements for global site supplies of filter consumables
  • unify various merceologies of filter consumables on a single source
  • receive benefit from long term price validity

Why Poirino? Because we

  • guarantee quality, uniformity and stability of every nonwoven in our portfolio
  • track totally our products starting from raw material
  • provide immediate delivery from stock, even for minimal quantities
  • support customer with complete logistic service everywhere
  • experienced all type of liquid filtration processes
  • develop rapidly any type of new nonwoven when needed

Free testing rolls

Immediate converting and delivery service of free testing rolls


1Can provide material for special application with required certification
  • food grade
  • REACH (chemical substances restrictions according to - EU Reg. n. 1907/2006)
  • RoHS directive n. 2011/65/CE
  • Oeko-tex 100 standard

Product quality

1Product quality
Every single product is certified and guaranteed for its compliance to technical data sheet. In case of defect we proceed to immediate substitution of material

Be aware to nonwoven quality you buy!

1Nonwoven is in many cases an accessory produt to which not too much attention is dedicated, for Poirino it is the core business and foundation of company reliability
Sometimes talking about nonwoven, material supplied is not corresponding to original weight features (g/m2), to sizes indicated (lenght), to material type originally indicated (component fibers of lower cost, you may think to have bought viscose but in effect material is cheaper)